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Neos is a marketing agency that helps Houston and Beaumont businesses and organizations multiply their marketing dollars by facilitating strategic insight, cultivating brand engagement and communicating relevant content both online and in traditional environments. We work closely with client management teams to develop ideas and unique creative content to improve your brand experience.


The foundation of any successful marketing effort is a well-reviewed strategic analysis of the company, the marketplace, and the target customers. Then the current marketing elements must be reviewed – brand identity, website, social media  and online presence, as well as offline marketing tools. Finally, the sales process and buyer’s journey must be analyzed.

The strategic marketing planning process – both the what and the how – is a critical first step to creating and executing a successful marketing plan. We have expertise at all phases, are very transparent, and clearly set expectations from the beginning, right down to our service agreement. Strategy can be difficult and it almost always involves input from stakeholders both within and outside the company. We are experts at figuring out who needs a voice, as well as getting that input without wasting a lot of time, money, and energy.


Branding is something all businesses do whether they know it or not. The problem is many do not have a coherent branding strategy. Branding is made up of your business name, logo, your positioning statement, and your visual identity on every marketing channel, online and offline. Not only is it the way you go about marketing your company, it’s the way you present and evolve your image to the public. Your brand is the result of all your advertising and marketing efforts, as well as the experience the customer has when they purchase your product, order your service, or interact with you on social media. Ultimately, it is the image that is conjured up in the customer’s mind and heart when they think about your business.


A good website opens quickly, is simple to navigate, and tells visitors what your company does.

A great website is responsive and looks fantastic on all devices – mobile, tablets, and desktops – and gives visitors the kind of information they are searching for in order to solve their problems. A great website uses cutting edge technology – SEO, SEM, EMP, MAP– to be found on the web by your ideal customers. A great website is updated regularly with compelling content to help Google and other search engines find you and is the hub of all marketing activity occurring on behalf of your company.

Neos builds great websites using WordPress, hosts them on one of the most secure platforms in the country  and then helps you and your team maximize your ROI on your budget.

Build a great website or transform your current brochure site with Neos.

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Marketing should be a cohesive, strategic plan consisting of interrelated tactics that maximize ROI. Inbound marketing is the most efficient way to get return on investment today. It leverages buyer behavior by seamlessly meeting them where they are – online, on their phone, on their tablet – and providing the information they are seeking to help educate them about solving problems or addressing pain, and ultimately how you can do that for them. But it’s not just that. It is also a holistic approach to marketing that is constantly updating and evolving your brand to meet the ever changing competitive landscape. Neos is convinced that Inbound Marketing should be part of every business’ marketing strategy. It requires a commitment to content marketing, an investment in technology and time, and the right people with the right skills, who understand how to implement it.
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